Considering the Pricing Package?
Here is some more info on the Food Cost Analysis Workbook + Recipe Costing Tools.


reach your profit goals with the
right food cost target

If I told you there is no such thing as an industry standard for food costs, would that surprise you?
It pains me to see so many food businesses chasing a 30% food cost target only to struggle with cashflow + limited profitability. Every business will have a different target based on actual operating and labor costs, revenues, and profit goals - there is no one size fits all!

To reach your maximum profit potential the first step is determining the right food cost percentage for your business, and the Profit Analysis Workbook helps you do just that!

Want a little help + some my 3 key strategies for reaching your target food cost percentage? Check out the new Online Workshops.


Recipe Costing Tools

Calculate the true costs of your recipes + products with one of our easy-to-use recipe costing spreadsheets.
There are no difficult formulas to navigate and no intricate theories to understand - just a simple framework to calculate your costs and
determine the right price for your products.

Watch the quick video below to see how they work!