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 You’ve got financial goals, I know you do.
What if you could create a plan to really help you reach them?

You’d have targets in place for revenues + spending
You could reference your plan when you need to make big financial decisions (even look into the future w/ financial scenarios)
You’d know exactly how your performance + decisions are affecting your bottom line every month.
Your team could plan promotions + target sales based on hard data
And, you could make changes + course correct when the unexpected happens (You can never predict a broken oven!)


 get there with

Profit Planning


Don’t worry, I’ll do all the work.
You’ll get a clear picture of your monthly goals so you can focus your energy + your team on tasks that make a difference, identify areas of over-spending and course correct quickly, recover from unexpected financial events, and build the profitable business of your dreams.


how does it work?

after our initial consultation we’ll dig into the Profit Planning Process


We’ll look at your Profit + Loss Statements for the last 1-3 years to understand how your business has been performing, to identify any seasonal trends that we should be aware of, and to understand your growth over the last few years. We’ll chat 1-on-1 to review our findings + initial thoughts, talk about your revenue projections, investments and other plans for the coming year, and discuss your profit goals.

*You don’t have to be in business for a year to request this service. We have resources + tools to build Profit Plans for brand new businesses


We’ll get to work laying out the framework for your Profit Plan - we’ll create revenue projections, develop monthly budgets for each of your cost categories, and customize your plan to notify you when a revenue goal has been achieved or if you’ve over-spent in a category.

We’ll communicate with you regarding any questions or clarifications needed during this phase of the process.


We’ll review the full plan with you, show you how the Profit Planner Tool works, how to update it each month, and how to utilize the financial scenario tools for making financial decisions.

This service includes monthly financial + strategy meetings with me for 12 months following implementation of your Profit Plan.

 What do you get?

i’m not JUst going to send you a file and wish you the best!
Here’s an overview of the deliverables you’ll receive


Detailed Profit Analysis for the last 1-3 years of your business, with notes on key findings + strategies for future financial success.


Your custom, interactive, 12-month Profit Plan in Excel Format. Based on your revenue projections, past performance trends, future growth plans +
profit goals.


Twelve monthly 1-on-1 strategy sessions to ensure you are comfortable updating + utilizing your plan and to help you achieve your goals!


Profit Planning
Success story

client Investment: $3,750
Proj. annual Profit increase:$182,139
Profit Margin Increase: 3.03%

The owner of a successful catering co. who describes herself as “not a numbers person” reached out earlier this year for some help creating a budget.

Her business had done just fine without a budget for years, but then they experienced annual losses, followed gains, with no clear insights as to how either outcome had come to be.

We conducted a 2-year profit analysis + built out a custom Profit Plan that resulted in projected annual profit growth of more than $182,000. The best part? This was the result after employee raises + staff increases!

Profit planner package

start at

Projects are typically completed within 2-4 weeks

Rates are determined by the number of revenue streams +
cost categories your company has.

Initial Consultation

In-depth Profit Analysis for past 1-3 years

1-on-1 Profit Analysis Review, Revenue Projection + Goal Setting Session

Custom Profit Plan with targeted notifications

Profit Analysis + Profit Plan Files

Training Session, for you + your team

12 monthly 1-hour strategy sessions


BUSINESS OWNERS Who want to create
a clear path to profits

This is a great first step to understanding your costs, setting revenue goals
+ creating strategies that really work to drive profits.

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I help food business owners organize their finances so they feel empowered, not overwhelmed.

Together, we’ll get you on track once and for all through strategic food sourcing, recipe costing, and strategic menu planning.
Imagine being able to make more & stress less!

I’m your good-food-obsessed numbers gal

I’ve helped my clients double, triple, even quadruple their profits and I want to help you too!


own a pop-up business or sell at pop-up events?

these planners will help you create profitable events every time!


ticketed event
Profit Planner

Do you host pop-up dinners or other food-related special events?

This profit planner will help you price your tickets right, set spending budgets + create a plan for a profitable event, every time!

See how it works!

profit Planner

Designed for retail brands + businesses that sell products at pop-up events and specialty markets.

No more dragging all your products, supplies, marketing + team to a big event only to break even. Make your business a profitable one with this pop-up profit planner!

See how it works!