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Find the Right Ingredients + Vendors

Build a System that Helps Save Money + Work Efficiently

Calculate Your Recipe Costs, and Price Your Products with Confidence


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Access the Food Sourcing Workshop :: $49

find the right ingredients + Vendors
Build a system that Helps Save you money + Work more efficiently

Identifying the right food sourcing partners for your business can be an overwhelming process,
but it doesn't have to be!

This workshop is truly hands-on!
By the end you’ll have:
- your complete ingredient list to send to potential vendors
- established a food sourcing criteria that is clear + easy to communicate
- Identified all of the sourcing options available in your area
- a list of your specific business needs + why they are essential to your food sourcing success
- an easy-to-follow process for reaching out to potential vendors
- a simple, proven method for choosing the right partners
- the foundation for an ordering + budgeting tool that will help keep you organized, and your food costs low

control your food costs + maximize profitability

There is a myth in the food industry that every business should be striving for 30% Food Costs.
It’s just not true!
You could hit 30% and still struggle with cashflow + profitability because it’s not the right target for YOUR business. There is no one-size fits all. Identifying + achieving the right food cost target for your business will help you maximize profitability.

In this workshop, you’ll
- create a profit goal + identify the target food cost percentage that will get you there
- learn how to execute the 3 key strategies for controlling food costs
- discover how to price your products for profitability

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Access the Profitability Workshop :: $49

The Reviews are in!

I would highly recommend anyone with sourcing issues/questions/needs to contact You, an extremely knowledgeable and generous consultant, and to take your helpful and insightful workshop.

Kristin Eldredge :: Manoa Island Kitchen

The Food Sourcing Workshop was so empowering. At the end I felt like, “yes, I can do this!” The information is easy to understand + approachable yet really made a difference in how I feel about approaching potential new vendors and being able to easily control spending.

Megan Marlow :: Chef/Owner Citizen Mustard

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