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Ready to Find the Right Products, at the Right Price + the Vendors Who Can Deliver
Them Consistently?

Want to Control Food Costs, Price Your Products Right + Boost Profitability?

You’re in the right place!

 How does it work?


Select the DIY Package that will help you achieve
your goals + complete the checkout process.


Within 1 business day you’ll receive access to the
Sarah Delevan Consulting Client Portal.

There you’ll have access to your DIY+ Consulting guide book along with the workbooks, Excel-based tools + links to the online workshops that are included in your package. You’ll also find a private link to schedule your 1-on-1 consults when you’re ready.


Get to work! The guide book will help lead you through the process, provide helpful information + suggest when to schedule 1-on-1 consults with Sarah.
Of course if you have any questions you can
e-mail our team at any time!


available packages

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FOOD biz essentials
package includes

Food Sourcing : A Guide to Getting Started
“Beginners Guide to Food Sourcing” Online Workshop
Ultimate Ordering + Budgeting Tool
Recipe Costing System
Two 30-minute web consultations

$395 Value
Package Price $325

I'm Ready to Get Started!
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Maximize your Profitability
package includes

Profit Analysis Workbook
Budget + Profit Planning Template
Two 60-minute web consults

$498 Value
Package Price $425

I'm Ready for Bigger Profits!


DIY Success StorY

i understand my costs + can better plan for future opportunities!

Sarah Delevan has been a lifesaver! Digging into the nitty-gritty of food costs felt overwhelming, but her resources + tools made it easy and have helped me to not only understand my costs but to also see where I could have been saving money all along.

Participating in her workshops and having my costs laid out in the tools that she provided has helped me better plan for future opportunities and business longevity.

I highly recommend Sarah’s DIY+ Consulting Packages!

Megan Marlow, Chef/Owner
Citizen Mustard : Los Angeles, CA


Get started
on the right foot


Find the right products at the right price,
easily calculate your recipe costs,
and price your products right.

I'm Ready to Get Started!

grow your business
+ your profits


Create a plan for profitability,
set key performance indicators,
control costs + grow profits long-term.

I'm Ready for Bigger Profits!

 Small Changes, Big Results

do the work at your pace
make changes with confidence
See big results



 DIY Success story

these tools helped put the reality of our business right in front of us

We’re first time food business owners with experience in restaurants and the food industry, so we had ideas of how we wanted to organize our systems, but weren’t exactly sure how to implement them.

Sarah’s DIY+ Packages helped us identify our inventory needs, cost out our recipes, and create documents that put the reality of our business right in front of us.

Working with Sarah has been invaluable in the opening of our new business!

Liz + Brahm, Co-Owners
TACOCAT Truck : Kittery, ME