Full Service Consulting is 100% hands-on. That means that I’ll create a custom project plan based on your needs + goals then get to work while you continue to focus on running your business.


The first step in the process is an initial consultation where we’ll discuss your business + goals for working together.
After our call I’ll create a custom project proposal that lays out each phase of the project, the timeline and deliverables.
When it’s time to get started you’ll have access to the Sarah Delevan Consulting Client Portal where you can easily share + access files,
send + receive updates, and check the status of your project at any time.

:: Services ::

Food Cost Analysis
Product / Menu Pricing
Financial Projections + Profit Planning
Strategic Food Sourcing / Vendor Matching
Custom Tools
Implementation + Training



FIND THE RIGHT food cost TARGet for your business

I hear people talk about hitting 30% Food Cost all the time, and it drives me crazy! Food Cost targets should be different for every business, based on actual operational costs, labor costs, revenues and desired profits. Identifying + hitting the right target food cost for your business saves you thousands, and drives profits upward.

I’ll walk you through the Food Cost Analysis process to determine the ideal target food costs for your business, then get to work implementing tools + strategies to hit that target consistently.


ensure proper pricing of your products

If you’re determining prices based on one or just a few ingredient costs, charging what you think your product is worth, or how much you think people are willing to pay, I am certain you’re missing out on both revenues + profits, and you could actually be losing money. On average, my new clients are selling 3+ menu items for less than what they cost to produce before we work together!

Recipe costing is the only way to truly know what your products and dishes cost to produce, and it’s a critical step to becoming a profitable business. I offer hands-on recipe costing services with pricing recommendations, or can provide you with easy-to-use tools + guidance for completing the process on your own.

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Do any of these common + costly purchasing mistakes ring true for you?
:: You don’t set a spending budget based on actual or projected revenues
:: You don’t know the costs of your ingredients before you buy them
:: You work with one primary vendor and don’t know how their quality + costs compare to competitors
:: You work with multiple vendors, but don’t compare their quality + pricing before placing orders
:: Your team regularly runs to the grocery store for missing ingredients

If you answered yes to one or a few of the above, you’re driving up food costs and hindering your profits. I will turn those yeses to nos, start saving you money and increase profits with the creation + implementation of simple ordering + budgeting tools.


find the right vendors for your business

Not all vendors are created equally, and with all you’ve got on your plate you deserve to be partnered with the vendor that meets your needs for quality, pricing + delivery times.

If you are a new business, a growing business transitioning from retail to wholesale purchasing, an established business that is frustrated with quality, pricing, or delivery inconsistencies, or just curious if you are getting the best quality products at the best price, I can help.

I’ll take you though a list of key questions and factors for finding the right vendor, gather ingredient quotes, and match you with the right partner(s).