The “Do It Yourself” Consulting packages combine powerful tools, online resources + one-on-one consultations to help you reach your goals + build a profitable food business.


:: Food sourcing ::

Finding the right vendor partners, establishing a solid food sourcing criteria + implementing a system for easy ordering, receiving + budgeting will create a solid foundation for building a profitable food business.

This food sourcing package includes:
:: Food Sourcing : A Guide to Getting Started
:: Ultimate Ordering + Budgeting Tool
:: Two 30-minute web consults
:: Access to the Online Workshop “The
Beginners Guide to Food Sourcing”

The workshop guides you through the step-by-step process I use with my full-services clients to find the right vendors and establish ordering + budgeting systems with easy-to-use tools.
Work along with it, accessing the tools and resources as they are mentioned and reach out for your one-on-one consults wherever you could use some help along the way.

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Have you been asking yourself “is this the right price for my products?” or “what should I be charging?” this package is for you!
My philosophy on pricing is to first understand what factors will help you build a profitable company, and then use that information to price your products for profitability.

This pricing package includes:
:: Profit Analysis Workbook
:: Recipe Costing Spreadsheet of your choice
:: Recipe Costing How-to video
:: Two 30-minute web consults
:: Access to the Online Workshop “Controlling
Your Food Costs to Maximize Profitability”

The workshop walks you through the entire process. First, the Food Cost Analysis Workbook to understand your current financials + identify the right food cost target for your business - I beg you to not use 30% or some other industry standard - then on to Recipe Costing + Pricing and finally with tips + tools for keeping your food costs consistent so your prices + profits do the same.

Schedule a one-on-one consult when questions arise about your unique business and to finalize your pricing strategy.

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Do you have anxiety surrounding your business financials? Do you wish you could give your employees a raise but aren’t sure if you can truly afford it? Do you lack confidence that you’ll make payroll or be able to pay your vendors on time despite awesome sales? All of this vanishes when you have a profit plan.

This profitability package includes:
:: Profit Analysis Workbook
:: 1-hour Profit Analysis Review +
Preplanning Session
:: Profit Planning Template + Tutorial
:: 1-hour Profit Planning Review +
Strategy Session

My clients have realized profit increases of over $180,000 in a single year with profit planning. If you’re ready to take control of the finances of your business, this package is for you!

The Profit Analysis Workbook will give insight into how your business has performed in the past and identify key areas of attention when planning for profits in the future.

Our review + planning sessions will ensure that you are comfortable with the profit planning template and that you understand how to successfully create your profit plan. Our strategy session will include a detailed review of the plan + provide you with strategies for making your profit plan a reality.

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Make sure you’re on the right track + get a customized project plan to guide your work by booking an initial consultation.

:: All files and links are delivered via the Sarah Delevan Consulting Client Portal within 1 business day of purchase.
:: One-on-one consults must be booked within one year of package purchase.