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In This First Conversation We Talked About the Importance of Educating your Customers + Staff to Build a Profitable Good Food Business and address key topics…

  • What is Food Sourcing Criteria?

  • Why education is so important, internally + externally

  • Common issues + concerns from customers

  • Tips for educating your customers + staff


In Our 2nd Conversation I’m Joined by Food Biz Coach Stephanie Parra
and We’re Focusing on Your Ideal Customer…

  • How to Create an Ideal Customer Profile

  • Where to Find Your Ideal Customer Online + IRL

  • How to Communicate Effectively

    and much more!

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Conversation #3 is jam-packed. We talk about…

  • Why reducing costs should be your first step to improving profitability

  • How to identify your target costs, and

  • Strategies for reducing your costs long-term to build a profitable business

PLUS there is a bonus video!
I’m showing you how the newest Ingredient + Recipe Costing tool works, how it can help you implement the strategies we discussed, and I might have thrown in a few more cost-saving tips.


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In our final conversation of 2019 we’re talking about how to create a clear path to profitability - Profit Planning!

I'll share the benefits, how it differs from budgeting, and steps for creating one for your business so you can have your most successful year in 2020!

Join Me in conversation on October 22nd.