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June Ingredients
June Plums

It's june, and in california that means summer produce!! here is a PEEK at some early-summer favorites...

Summer squash in beautiful shades of green and yellow are popping up everywhere, and so are the delicate + delicious squash blossoms.

June Summer Squash
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At Valdivia Farms you'll find a few of my favorite things. Bright purple and white spring onions, fresh scallions, and the ever-adorable french breakfast radishes.  

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A favorite stop for me personally, and for many of my clients, is Peads & Barnetts. Founded by Oliver Woolley who raises heritage pigs and drought tolerant flowers in Valley Center, CA near San Diego, he and his wife Daniella make visiting the farmstand an absolutely delight.  The pork is out of this world, but we're talking flowers here, and they are STUNNING and other-worldly.  Featured in restaurants and retail markets from Venice to Highland Park, the flowers will stop you in your tracks during the summer months and are available for pickup at markets in Santa Monica and Hollywood, and may also be delivered.

Peads & Barnetts Flowers
June Flowers

When it comes to lettuces, farmer’s market greens can’t be beat. Farmer Romeo Coleman, Mark Carpenter of Coastal Farms, and Shu Takikawa of The Garden Of..... sell a variety of lettuces that are breathtakingly beautiful and range in texture, color, and flavor that will spark salad cravings in even the least likely salad lover.


The weather has been unseasonably cool this year causing the arrival of tomatoes to be delayed a bit, but Coastal Farms will have cherry tomatoes in June, and we're keeping our eyes open for Munak Ranch from Paso Robles with their beautiful spread of heirloom tomatoes and melons.

June Sungold Tomatoes

Stone fruit arrived in May, and to my surprise has been pretty delicious right from the get-go. There are peaches and nectarines almost everywhere you look, and so much of it is mouthwatering delicious. A sleeper favorite is Betty Kennedy's farmstand - she is quietly selling some of the best stone fruit of the season so far. 

And, while cherries are ending at Murray Family Farm, they are just starting for Andy's Orchard, Tenerelli and others. 

June Plums

Last but not least... don't forget the corn!
This is a snap of Chris Milliken's table about halfway through the market day and it's wiped out! Milliken Family Farm was the first to market with their corn, grown on their Coachella farm.  It's an all-white corn, non-gmo of course and deliciously sweet.  Finley Farm, Tamai, Garden Of and others will follow with their corn in later June and early July.  Wholesalers will also carry Dwelley Farm corn from Northern California to help fill the demand until more local farms have corn on their tables.  

June Sweet Corn

For a complete list of what's in season in June, download the June Seasonal Guide.