Top 3 (Surprising) Uses for Monthly Seasonal Guides

Seasonal Buying Guide

Seasonal Guides are great for planning the next month's menu, but have you thought about these popular (but perhaps not so obvious) uses?

I was so excited to learn about some of the unique ways that chefs, restauranteurs, market owners + other food-driven business professionals are using the monthly seasonal guides that I had to share them with you! 

I hope you find some inspiration, and if you've got a unique use I'd love to hear about it!

"Out of Season" Menu Planning

Planning a menu for 6 months from now? Doing some R&D for a new project or future menu changes? It can be hard to remember when exactly grapes become available, or if Morels will be in season, and when exactly those hot pink turnips show up... so save + reference your Monthly Seasonal Guides!
Caterers + Restaurant Chefs that host large events typically begin working with their clients months, if not more than a year, in advance to plan their menu. As a result it's not uncommon that an event taking place in August will have it's menu developed in the middle of winter. Cue the August seasonal guide for inspiration and to refresh your memory with what's in season in August.
Similarly, clients that are working on opening a new restaurant, developing new menus, or starting a new food business love using seasonal guides as a reference for what will be in season when they open for business or start offering that new menu.  

Seasonal Swaps

Many of my clients are NOT hyper-seasonal or 100% local.  They have a standard menu that doesn't change, but they love to use the seasonal guides for inspiration to swap in a seasonal ingredient here and there to keep their customers interested and their dishes delicious. 
It's a common misunderstanding that I work only with clients that source exclusively local + seasonal ingredients.  In fact, many of my clients have a standard menu that doesn't change throughout the year, with the exception of a few ingredients they swap seasonally - think strawberries in the salad in summer, apples in fall and citrus in winter.  
Seasonal Guides help identify seasonal swaps that keep dishes tasting great AND help keep food costs down. Seasonal ingredients are abundant and are often offered at lower prices than out-of-season ingredients. 

Social Media + Ad Planning

Having a social media presence has become part of doing business, especially for food businesses.  And with the advent of tools like Tailwind that allow you to plan your posts for Instagram + Pinterest weeks in advance, you really can have an actual social media strategy and seasonal guides help ensure you keep it seasonal!  
Whether you manage your social media strategy, or you've got someone on your team spearheading your businesses efforts online, having a strategy for what, when and where you post is proving helpful for promoting food businesses of all kinds.  As a big believer in lists + planning ahead I LOVE hearing that Monthly Seasonal Guides are helping chefs and business owners plan their menus and social media content!

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